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"Dentacoin helps me build strong patient
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“The Bitcoin of Dentistry”
Dentacoin is first Blockchain* solution for the global dental industry. Driven by a vast community of progressive dentists, Dentacoin helps each dental practitioner to develop a successful patient-driven practice through a same-named cryptocurrency (DCN) and a set of incentivized software tools.
* Blockchain is just a new technology used for secure storage and exchange of data and value.

Dentacoin Dentists Report*

* Research among 1800 dentists using Dentacoin tools and currency.
Higher levels of patient engagement, satisfaction and retention
Innovative payment option preferred by young patients - Dentacoin cryptocurrency
Additional regular income through incentives and monthly Assurance premiums
Free market knowledge through up-to-date market research data on DentaVox
Valuable feedback to improve upon through trusted patient reviews


✔ Free of charge advertising & PR about our partnership
✔ Onboarding premium in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency
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Dentacoin Network Speaking

Lorand Gergely
Client Service Manager at CONTIDENT
I started getting familiar with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency only a year ago but I am fascinated by the influence it could have around the world. I believe Dentacoin creates a win-win situation for dental clinics and patients.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Max Ganhewa, Dental on Flinders, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Max Ganhewa
Dental on Flinders
It seemed like a step in the right direction for global dentistry. A focus on prevention is a key part of our mission statement. At the moment our industry is facing big challenges from large corporate and private health insurance companies dictating the direction dentistry is heading. A shake-up is much needed.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Eva Sadej, Floss Bar, New York, NY, USA
Eva Sadej
CEO at Flossbar (4 locations)
We have been following blockchain technology closely and think the possibilities for business and society are revolutionary and we have been eager to see it integrated into the dental industry. The dental market has been behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies and innovations and we are looking to change that. About 200 patients have paid in Dentacoin.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Peter Santoro, Innsbruck, Austria
Dr. Peter Santoro
I opened a new clinic and want it to be young, stylish and modern. Accepting cryptocurrency is one way to do that. I’ve seen many cryptocurrencies rise and fall but I see that the (Dentacoin) developers are serious in what they do.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Howard Koch, Quality Affordable Dentistry, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Dr. Howard Koch
Quality Affordable Dentistry
Dentacoin has a distinctive USP and of all the cryptocurrencies has the best potential to become a mainstream currency.
Matteo Ferraris
Marketing Director at Studio Toia
We trust that the dental assurance will be the future. We hope that this project will help people to improve their dental care and it can make it simpler for us to provide the best service to our patients.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Khalif Kamal, Dentalpro, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Khalif Kamal
Corporate Communications Manager at Dentalpro
We are proud to be the first dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur to adopt Dentacoin. [...] By adopting new trends and technological changes we are facilitating our global markets better. Dentacoin is opening a new door to our global patients to facilitate cross-border transactions. The future potential is limitless.
Dr. Salman Ehjail
Skin & Teeth Medical Centre
Dentacoin is a whole new technology that makes processing payments and patient data easier for the dental clinics. When I first shared to my patients about Dentacoin, they were very excited; that’s what motivated us to participate and make DCN an official currency at our clinic. It will invade the dental industry without a question.
24 Hour Emergency Dentist
As a leading practice in London we have to keep up with the new technologies and offer comprehensive dental care and modern services. That’s why we have decided to enter the world of digital currency and offer dental treatments in exchange for cryptocurrency like Dentacoin.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Rahim Hirani, PCP Dental Recruitment, London, United Kingdom
Rahim Hirani
Managing Director at PCP Dental Recruitment
The project is aimed at our industry and is a unique offering. It offers exciting and innovative technology that could prove itself as profitable and efficient for dental practices around the globe. The potential is immeasurable at this stage, but with the number of dental practices in London alone, the opportunity is endless.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Yogesh Khadtare, Dentech Dental Care, Pune, India
Dr. Yogesh Khadtare
Dentech Dental Care
I believe that Dentacoin has the potential to improve the dental condition of the population on a global scale and to also strengthen the relationship between patients and dentists.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Veselin Matov, F3T Dental Clinic, London, United Kingdom
Veselin Matov
F3T Dental Clinic
The ability to actually use the Dentacoin tokens makes this whole experience real. [...] We are looking forward to having one united method of payment within the entire dental industry. This will significantly reduce costs, save time and benefit the patients. [...] We are all excited to be part of the future of Dentacoin.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Ray Alde, CEO at Arklign, San Jose, CA, USA
Ray Alde
CEO at Arklign
From a dental supplier/lab perspective, we see that a community-specific coin with a dedicated team of dental professionals behind it can help speed up adoption of the cryptocurrency in dental practices. [...] I believe Dentacoin has the potential to set the global standard for dental transactions.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Wesam Alani, Aura Family Dentistry, Simi Valley, CA, US
Dr. Wesam Alani
Aura Family Dentistry
The impact Dentacoin can have on the dental field in its entirety is truly endless. It has the means of changing the insurance systems. With the power of number, the shared interest of the dentists and their patients will be on a constant rise allowing for better payment options. Unlike many insurance companies, Dentacoin offers accessibility to any dentist which will insure a timely treatment option to anyone in need.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry, Group Health Dental & Gramercy Dental Center
Dr. David Janash
Owner of Park South Dentistry & Group Health Dental & Gramercy Dental Center
The Dentacoin network is quickly growing and really has the potential to change the relationship between patients and doctors. I’m excited to be a part of it. [...] Tools that make it easier for patients to engage with the office and provide additional financial options, will result in better oral and overall health. There is endless potential for this coin and all of its services and verticals.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Ray Alde, CEO at Arklign, San Jose, CA, USA
Ray Alde
CEO at Arklign
After learning that Dentacoin is not just a currency, but a company that develops tools that add value to the dental industry, I saw the potential. I believe there is a growing need for value-based and low-cost services in the dental industry. [...] The ability for the laboratory to easily/securely access patient data that will help them better understand the patient’s oral condition.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Shariq ali Khan, Sherwani Dental, Lahore, Pakistan
Dr. Shariq ali Khan
Sherwani Dental
I had a vision of using cryptocurrency at my dental practice, but I was lacking a platform. [...] Dentacoin is the first of its type that specifically caters the dental community, so for the sake of unity and future trends that might unite the dental community across the globe.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Mark Lorich, LifDental, Buffalo, NY, USA
Mark Lorich
Software Engineering Manager at LifDental (3 locations)
We expect the future of Dentacoin to continue into the dental lab. Keeping a streamlined currency option when buying and selling machinery and software between foreign countries can only help this industry grow. Ultimately we hope that combining technology and dental hygiene will penetrate into the habits of our youth.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Gerard van der Wal, Clinident & Tridental Mouthware, Zoetermeer & Katwijk, Netherlands
Dr. Gerard van der Wal
Clinident & Tridental Mouthware
I saw Dentacoin’s Whitepaper while searching for dental-related cryptocurrencies. After I read it, I was convinced that the Dentacoin system could be of benefit to our patients and practices. The potential of this project could be huge.
Desislava Dimova
CEO at SWISS Dentaprime
Patients were very excited about this new opportunity. Giving a voucher/coupon/client card or a discount in euro was nowhere near the excitement of receiving Dentacoin. Dentacoin felt like some kind of magical money to them.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Max Ganhewa, Dental on Flinders, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Max Ganhewa
Dental on Flinders
Dentacoin could shift the paradigm from “drill and fill” dentistry to a prevention-focused approach. It’ll also help build a tightly knit dentist-patient community.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Pavel Georgiev, Sales Manager at Dentamed Shop, www.dentamedshop.com
Pavel Georgiev
Sales Manager at Dentamed Shop
The high degree of fragmentation inherent in the dental industry makes the use of an industry-specific currency like Dentacoin highly beneficial for all links in the supply chain. It allows for international transactions to be much cheaper, easier, faster and secure. We learnt about Dentacoin and the benefits it offers just when we were discussing the possibilities for international expansion. Dentacoin just made the decision so obvious. Every international merchant within the industry will easily realise that.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Mark Lorich, LifDental, Buffalo, NY, USA
Mark Lorich
Software Engineering Manager at LifDental (3 locations)
What drew us to Dentacoin was how easily it includes the patient. Most cryptocurrencies require a steep barrier of entry to generate, but Dentacoin uses intuitive systems for patients to get involved immediately. We believe dental begins and ends with the patient, so this was a no-brainer.
Dr. Lin Tung Hao
Mr. iTeeth
I was fascinated by the concept. Back then, the ICO was still running, so I decided to join and support the project. I believe in the future potential of Dentacoin and I hope that some day soon, not only my patients will use DCN as means of payment, but I will also be able to purchase dental materials and equipment.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Leo Drakulic, LekoDent, Belgrade, Serbia
Leo Drakulic
When we first time saw the story about Dentacoin, it was really interesting for us. We think that these days dentistry is really expensive for a lot of people here in Serbia. [...] We decided to allow people to pay us in Dentacoin for these treatments: dental examinations, teeth cleaning, preventive dentistry, fillings, etc.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Soheil Salari, Royal Clinic, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Soheil Salari
Royal Clinic (3 locations)
There is much potential in logging patients’ medical history and records, connecting dentists all over the world, as well as creating a peer-to-peer payment network, by uniting the patients and dentists towards a better financial situation and thus eliminating the middleman.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Wesam Alani, Aura Family Dentistry, Simi Valley, CA, US
Dr. Wesam Alani
Aura Family Dentistry
Dentacoin is not just a cryptocurrency, it is a global network which provides both health and financial benefits. As a global network, Dentacoin offers a secure healthcare database, among many other options which provide easements on both the patient and the dentist. After extensive research into all of the options Dentacoin offers, the future seems limitless.
Neeraj Chand
DCN Clinic Contact at Daily Care Dental
We’ve been exploring cryptocurrency for the last few years and have been in the dental business for approximately 30 years – Dentacoin seemed like the perfect match. [...] We see our partnership with Dentacoin as having a very profitable and at the same time community-centric future.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Rajesh Reddy, Dental Planet, Hyderabad, India
Dr. Rajesh Reddy
Dental Planet (7 locations)
Dentacare app helps patients establish good dental hygeiene and trains them to maintain it. The opportunity to gain Dentacoin throughout the process and have their treatment reimbursed afterwards is just great and beneficial for both sides!
Dr. Yangsook Han
East Tremont Medical Center (4 locations)
It’s very important for us to stay on the cutting edge of customer care and that includes finances. We own Dentacoin and believe that its adoption will lead to a price increase that can subsidize good dental hygiene for any of its coin holders. We are proud to accept it at all of our locations.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Subhash Gupta, Perio Q, Leominster, MA, USA
Dr. Subhash Gupta
Perio Q
I read about Dentacoin in a local newspaper. Perio Q gel is a high quality oral product and I am sure it could benefit a lot by being under Dentacoin’s umbrella. I see a great future for Dentacoin in dentistry worldwide.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Yogesh Khadtare, Dentech Dental Care, Pune, India
Dr. Yogesh Khadtare
Dentech Dental Care
In the long run dentists will get even more benefits from accepting DCN in their practice. The idea to shorten the supply chain by removing the dealer between dentists and manufacturers will make a revolution in the dental industry.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials, Daniel Miguez, MABB Biomaterial, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daniel Miguez
CEO at MABB Biomaterial
I believe that in 10 years more than 30% of humanity will be using crypto-currencies and blockchain processes, so, Dentacoin has an enormous opportunity to establish itself as a leading e-platform that enables patients, dental professionals, dental clinics, technical laboratories, distributors and the industry that supply the elements and together with MABB, among others, use Dentacoin to accelerate or facilitate the access to a better oral health to all humanity, regardless of social classes.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Vivek Madappa, Co-Founder at MobiDent, Bangalore, India
Vivek Madappa
Co-Founder at MobiDent
The moment I heard about Dentacoin, I was open to explore its potential. If the world is heading into a digital revolution, it is necessary to have a new, universal currency, which is not influenced by governments, countries and politics. A currency that can connect all of us digitally, ensuring trust and transparency.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Veselin Matov, F3T Dental Clinic, London, United Kingdom
Veselin Matov
Practice Manager at F3T Dental Clinic
The use of Dentacoin within our internal feedback system, followed by the recent implementation of the Trusted Review Platform, results in a differentiated evaluation of our work immediately after the treatment of each patient. [...] For this short period after implementing DCN, the dropout rate has been significantly reduced: cancellations from first to second treatment stage are now 6% (compared to 14% before) and from the second to the following treatments – the change is from 11% to 7%.
Desislava Dimova
CEO at SWISS Dentaprime
We have implemented Dentacoin as means of payment and also as a part of our Patient Loyalty program. We are convinced that every business could and should benefit from collective customer wisdom in order to improve their service quality. [...] Dentacoin was the perfect choice to reward patients for contributing to our improvement.
Dentacoin Partner Testimonials: Dr. Alla Gizerskaya, Dental Work, New York, NY, USA
Dr. Alla Gizerskaya
Dental Work NY (6 locations)
These are early days for all cryptos. I think it will build to a “tipping point” when blockchain transactions are the dominant way people exchange currency. If Dentacoin keeps on pushing forward establishing their network and capabilities, they will already be there in the sun when it rises.
Ann hunsicker morrissey
Dr. Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey
Hellertown Dental Group

I decided to implement Dentacoin because I believe in Blockchain and I want to help bring it mainstream. I think the future lies in prevention and education. This is the area that I think Dentacoin can be of great help. I see you helping to engage patients.


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